Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WE Blog Re-Opens Commenting (and Censorship?)

WHAT enlightenment??! blog (WE) the self-titled and supposedly "uncensored look at self-styled "guru" Andrew Cohen" re-opened it's commenting on 22 October, 2005 with this great comment

Anonymous said...
Hey, great article, and thanks for opening back up for anonymous comments.

It remains to be seen how long commenting will stay open. There had been a complete shut down at WE blog for many months - no posts - no comments - no explanations nada. We thought maybe the editor had had a nervous breakdown.

Meanwhile we at WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$ have kept commenting open all of the time.

But we had to put many abusive comments in the Uncensored Bin $$$ - which is publicly viewable because we don't want to censor anything.

We hope that WE blog's newly revived "anonymous commenting" policy is not a cynical PR stunt to reviving flagging readership numbers.

We would therefore expect that they will be lenient on posters who are perceived and pre-judged as critical. Many WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$ posters have so far found that they could not air their valid points on WE blog.

Such censorship is antithetical to blog culture and we ask WE to honor their promise of offering "an uncensored look at self-styled "guru" Andrew Cohen"

Trash_Admin of
WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$


At November 04, 2005, Blogger previously censored said...

Actually, trashie, you're lying. Your comments were closed for months. And you still don't allow anonymous comments, like the What Enlightenment blog does.
Also, tons of great comments--far more amusing than anything you and your still anonymous alter egos ever wrote--have been mysteriously disappeared from this blog.
But, hey, thanks anyway for being the arbiter of blog etiquette in your little mind.

At November 05, 2005, Blogger trash_admin said...

WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$ has never closed commenting. Surely, you know that. So why lie about it?

Commenting was restricted to registered bloggers only after a massive wave of spam attacks.

The anonymous user previously censored was part of an outrageous attack on WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$, which involved the posting of 100's of useless and fake messages to WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$.

Why does someone so desperately want to shut down WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$?

At November 09, 2005, Anonymous Vince The Prince said...


"What Enlightenment" Blog has reverted to comment censorship already!

Comments now have to go through moderation Helene/Hal Blacker's. I am still awaiting for my comment to appear.

Still waiting...
the only place to post it is here.

Thank you "WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$" blog!

Vince The Prince

The last three comments appear to come from three different posters but look deeper - look beyond the veils...

"Caution Cult Members On The Track" - better argued then the other angry anonymous posters

"Anonymous said..."
- argues like a real lawyer. Who else could keep up with all the twists and turns of Daniel and Brian's discussion? (well, ok, Daniel failed to return to the debate even though Brian was quite provocative).

- Only Helene could follow - ' "anonymous" does a really great job parsing stillanego's presumptions'

Hmmm... me thinks are the last 3 posters the same person? Hal Blacker, this blogs editor is a lawyer. "Helene" seems to be Hal's posting name.

And more - me wonders why start posting about Adi Da anyway? No news on Cohen? Trying to attract new readers?

Or was Hal fomerly with Adi Da and trying to kill two birds with one stone?

At November 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Shaolin,
All the good--I mean the funny and interesting stuff--got trashed off the blog. What's up with that?
This thing's no fun at all anymore.

At November 09, 2005, Anonymous Vince The Prince said...


"What Enlightenment" Blog posted my comment - and then deleted it.


Possibly they had seen my post here on "WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$" and then got all riled up.

Why is "What Enlightenment" Blog so afraid of discussion? Is Hal Blacker scared of being known as WE BLog's owner?

At November 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because your comment is stupid, uninteresting and irrelevant.

At November 11, 2005, Anonymous a questioner said...

Just wondering why your site is so lame?
In case you haven't noticed your sidebar stuff is all pushed to the bottom of the page, at least in window IE 6.0, probably one of the most common browser.

Get with it dodo-head Cohen cult members! Jeez!
Ananotherthing--you sure seem to be censoring a lot of good stuff. It can't even be found in your uncensored bin, dimbulbs!

Really, AndyPandy, give up the sham and get a real job.


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