Thursday, April 21, 2005

Roberta Anderson's Reply to WEU Blog

Imagine my surprise in finding my post to the WE blog appearing here on this site. It's probably my own dim-wittedness, but having read through the posts on this blog I can't figure out what you guys are up to or why you are spending so much energy on what appears at least to my reading to be pretty silly stuff. It's certainly okay to be concerned over "unfair censorship", but to make a whole blog devoted to this boggles my mind just a bit. Despite the fact that you apparently have several bones to pick with the WE blog, the truth is that at least as I see it, there are actually a number of sincere people posting there who are genuinely struggling together to sort out and come to a deeper understanding of their own experience. And they really want to do this because they are actually interested not only in their own evolution, but in trying to learn more about what works and what doesn't work in this arena for everyone who finds themselves drawn into wanting to grow and evolve. They want to do this because they actually do care about these rather delicate and profound matters of the human heart! I can't seem to find anything like this "heart" on this blog.. And furthermore (!), my own experience does not to me resemble anything like my "psyche caving in"after being played and being manipulated by some kind of insidious "good cop-bad cop routine"! Wow! I am merely continuing to see more and more deeply into this pretty confused situation because I am continuing to look..and look?and look?because of my own genuine interest in wanted to come to terms with it all. I definitely agree that I "still have some way to go to sort out my reality"!?and I frankly hope that this will always be true. One of the many valuable things I learned from Andrew is that the best we can to is to find tentative hypotheses about the truth of anything, and to keep our eyes open and continue to try to keep examining whatever it is. This matter of "Truth" I think is a pretty subtle matter, and whenever we think that we "have it down" we have lost it. This is part what I tried to express in my last post about the difficulty of holding All Of It simultaneously.

And as for "being casually dropped" by these evil WE blog editors in a week or so ?I can't even wrap my mind about what this could mean. Despite what may appear to be differences between us in trying to come to terms with our own experience, the fact is that all of us are very old and dear friends. Even if we may appear to have different ideas, we actually respect what each other have to say and know that we can all learn from each other--there is something far deeper going on than one face or another appearing and disappearing every week on one blog or another.

And re your last point about the "manipulative exit counselors fighting over my spare dollars"! I don't unfortunately seem to have too many spare dollars, and if I did, I am pretty sure I would find quite a few other things to do with them than using them to get "deprogrammed" or whatever!

With warm regards,
Roberta Anderson


At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with all the censored posts?? (see the comments to the article before this one). And in the past, at least they were put in the Trash Bin where they could be enjoyed (mainly for the great parody/humor that we came to expect from this blog). Now, they are nowhere to be found. This really seems like a betrayal of the whole purpose of this blog--which is to be UNCENSORED, right?

Shaolin, you think you're the only one who can do parody? You think only you have something to say here?

I feel like all the other voices who wanted to participate here are being totally excluded. This is really a shame.

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What follows is from the front page of this blog. Read it then look at all the comments that were removed without explanation from the comment section to the previous article. And none are even in the Uncensored Bin. This blog is not living up to its own stated policies. It is obvious that Shaolin is a completely unethical fraud.

"Comment Policy
Unlike the faceless shape-shifting fact-changers at that other blog "WHAT enlightenment??!", we will never censor valid comments even those critical of our own self-expression.

Useless, trivial, libellous and identity-stealing posts will be publicly preserved in our Uncensored-Bin by Binman, our tireless trash administrator."

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow -- the censored "uncensored" site. What a joke. Shameful, really, Shaolin (i mean, er, Brad, Andrew, Craig...and others??) so lame. oh, the hipocrisy, oh the humanity. and is it true ief students are forbidden to read the real WE site? so sad.

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One important touching comment from Roberta's post is stating that all former students are very dear old friends, respecting each other and have so much to learn from one another. That is truth Roberta and the best support for all of you.

I had a hard work-day yesterday and was unable to check in until now. What in the world happened to all the deletions from posters in the previous post. Did I miss something, and wow are you getting tough Shaolin.

My experience yesterday was an eye opener in regards to our world today. Taking a private client on an outing, we also did some grocery shopping. As I left my ward, an old man, for a few minutes, my eagle eyes zoomed in upon a predator eyeing the old man's wallet sticking out of his back pocket of his pants. The predator moved closer and like the speed of lightning I was at their side, pushing this predator away from his prey. This predator- prey relationship is also played out in spiritual communities. I call it spiritual robbery. First these gurus attract you like will of the wisps, take your money, rob you of your spiritual power, enslave you under the guise of the dangling carrot of "freedom", and if you come to your senses or disagree you are dropped like a hot potato. Isn't this the goal of many of this self-made gods and supermen today to rule supreme and have the rest of society under their spell as dangling puppets.

I've said it on WE count your blessings that you all got away from Andrew, and make sure that history does not repeat itself all over again. You all are vulnerable children.

One thing you must all confess to WE posters, I did not fear the truth and spoke same with clarity and conviction.

I love you all, WE posters and WEU posters. It appears Shaolin you are moving in the right direction now.


At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Graham Blenk said...

What qualifies anyone at "WHAT enlightenment??!" to make speculative psychiatric diagnoses?

It seems this secular mania for pop psychology and pill popping is missing the mystery of guru grace.

I'm sure that you want us to believe that you are a good person Freebird - but you are trying too hard.

You never were with Andrew were you?

Did you start the Andrew is gay rumour blog? Bit of a one joke wonder. More of a wonder than a joke.

Graham Blenk

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Colin said...


Did you post comment on the Roberta thread on WEU before this one?

If so, it seems to reveal a different less ostensibly loving side to your persona.

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Graham,
In reply to your assumption that I try too hard to come across as a good person. None are good,not even a one, including me. God alone is the source of all goodness.

I was never inside the community, but closely, very closely, associated with someone who had been with Andrew for a long, long time. I have much inside information, maybe even more than you all who were inside the community.

As far as Andrew's sexual orientation, it was not I who started this rumor about him being gay. Personally I could care less were he heterosexual, bi-sexual, or asexual. I happen to see him as a gyrating dominatrix dressed in black,no cleavage, wearing combat boots and cracking a whip upon all of you adoring children.

When this self-appointed godman starts acting with humility, honor, dignity, and as a true spiritual guide who leads you to God within yourself and not to himself, as an idol, I will humbly acknowledge him as a teacher who leads children to God.

Most, if not all, of his teachings were written down for me, so I know what I am talking about.

I do not belief that any and all abuses lead to freedom. Love and entering the consuming fire of the Lord is the only way. I truly went through death to rise anew from the ashes. I don't exist without the grace and love of God who is my life and being.

Look if things work for you, then don't complain and follow his ways.
May his guru grace alone lead you across the river.

At April 22, 2005, Blogger shaolin_monk said...


Thanks for your reply. I have given it some serious consideration!

Rather than post my comments on WE blog and risk the censor's blade or Craig T.'s raising ire - I will post it on my blog at the URL below.

Since starting our uncensored blog (to complement WE blog in allowing the discussion to go to places that WE would not permit) we have taken a fair bit of flak. Following a Denial of Service attack which was designed to get our blog banned by tying up Blogger's bandwidth the spammers have tried a new tack.

They have invented a 3rd Cohen blog. A pink one! Which revolves around one singular premise that Andrew is gay based upon his clothing and so to all others, including myself, by association.

Unless they find a new theme I don't think they will last long. Additionally, they might face legal action from Google, Blogger and IEF for their libellous spam attacks.

Unlike WEU blog which will always report of the issues that WE blog won't cover.

Shaolin Monk

At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Dennett said...

Freebird said Isn't this the goal of many of this self-made gods and supermen today to rule supreme and have the rest of society under their spell as dangling puppets.

No Freebird. You are so wrong.

Isn't it your goal to rue the world through anonymous posting and creating victims for your controlling "therapy practice"?

You seem to spend most of your energy on posting and bluffing your way into the old FACE community.


At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Alessandra said...


You do not know even the basics of counselling.

It seems that every other word out of your mouth is shame. I suspect you wrote the first comment in this thread.

You certainly tried to shame Jeremy Lyell on WE blog.

Why do I get the image of the Plymouth Brethren will reading you?


At April 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words alone don't hurt me.

I have every right to agree to disagree with you people. I am a big girl and won't disintegrate should Shaolin ban me from this blog.

How about opening your heart and mind to what I have to offer instead of trying to put me down because I do not see things as you.

You all don't hear me. Continue with your spiritual path if it is working. I don't want to change you. Change comes from within yourselves should you desire same.

I treasure WE and WEU because it gives me the opportunity to hear the views and opinions of my fellow human beings who follow another spiritual path. I love knowledge and have the courage to hear others even if I don't agree. I have no need to attack you, but that is how you seem to read all my posts, which truly saddens me.

I had every opportunity to enter Andrew's community and chose against doing so.

Again if something works for you continue with it and I won't talk you out of it.

Blessings to all.

At April 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freebird you are so centered and confident. I would love to fly away with you.

All of your posts are great. Don't let the enraged replies scare you away.

I bet you have quite a story to tell, you were almost ready to do so on WE. To drum up more posters for Shaolin, have you thought about giving him the exclusive.

You have true grit.

An admirer

At April 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freebird there are many that miss you at WE. You swallowed the bait on the hook because some insiders of WE say that they did not do those awful postings to antagonize you. You were truly baited by Shaolin. He knew what a trophy you would be on WEU with your story. He is the one who set it up, and you did fly here to his blog.

I had to tell the truth.
A WE blogger

At April 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Freebird I had no idea that there ever could be such a one like you. You are so open, direct and fearless.

Don't ever lift off without taking me with you. Your world sounds like heaven. This is such a cold cruel world and yes you are so mis-
understood by many. I am a lonely child so please take me with you.



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