Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Insanity Rules WE Blog Editor's Hidden Agenda Exposed by Recent Posts

WE Blog Should Apologise for Hate-Mongering Posts

The carefully hidden insanity which drives the secret chiefs behind the anti-Cohen blog "WHAT enlightenment??!" has been bursting out in the last few days.

In series of prominent front-page posts, which can only be labelled as "kamikaze" the editors have given their tacit approval to a plan to turn Foxhollow into a Waco-style killing field!

Whereas before WE blog's ultra-aggressive posting style was carefully crafted to avoid libel the latest posts have thrown caution to the wind and made some wild accusations. In war it seems that truth is always the first casualty!

Trying to create linkage between Andrew Cohen and to vilified cult-leaders David Koresh and Jim Jones the posts goes as far as to suggest that Cohen is poisoning people. This type of inflammatory post reveals WE blog's real agenda which is nothing less then to provoke an all-out attack on Cohen aimed to decimate his religious group. The libellous post on the front-page of WE blog stated ?Why don't we just condemn Cohen, as a David Koresh and Jim Jones type, poisoning and misguiding people, report him to the authorities..."

I want to make it clear that we at WEU blog abhor WE blogs hate-mongering posts and ask them to print an apology and retraction.

However, we seriously doubt that they will. We at WEU have long warned about the nameless faceless micro-managers at WE blog. We could be congratulated for exposing their motives.

The stink at WE blog has been clearly rising through the floor-boards for sometime. Before the latest call-to- arms post (something which we predicted), the WE editors mysteriously posted a delirious off-topic rant that outraged even their staunchest supporters. The post which trivially started with "I think, therefore I am not" ended abruptly and obscenely with "OK, mind-fuckers, bring on the hair-splitting philosophizing."

Suspicious has been the fact that the post's title was changed after a WEU blog supporter asked where the post had come from, since had not appeared in WE blog's recent comment section. It is therefore suspected that the post came directly from the desk of WE blog editors.

It might seem a small thing but changing the posts title also changed the post's URL.

Thus the post previously was:
"Missing THE POINT by Anonymous"

became the new, slightly modified:
"Missing THE POINT"

Why did the WE Blog make such a small change?

Two reasons:
  1. Realizing that WEU would catch wind of their unaccountable post they sought create distance by assigning the now typical signature "By Anonymous". However, the post does not come from their comments page nor does it say that it was received by email. Of course, WE may choose to claim that they omitted this piece of information, though it should be noted that they have been scrupulous about including it all previous occasions.
  2. By changing the title they changed the URL - a definite no-no in the blog-sphere unless you want to confuse researchers and lose readers. In this case, the WE blog would have been happy to throw everyone off the scent.
Several WE and WEU blog supporters have raised similar issues only to be met by a wall of silence from WE blog, who clearly are scared to duplicitous account for their actions. More cynical is that they feel unaccountable to their loyal but naive readership who they have taken for a ride in service of their commercial anti-cult agenda (hence the "$$$" that we pin at the end our expose blog title "WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$").

Unsurprisingly, WE blog's response includes not only silence but the indiscriminate mass culling of dozens of comments - something which it seems to do routinely, even to those from loyal WE blog supporters, just to remove one irritating comment.

If you want the full inside story then you will only get it at one place - here at
WHAT Enlightenment Uncensored $$$


At April 26, 2005, Anonymous Vincento said...

Great post Shaolin Monk!

Your article ties together many of the strands that elude the WE blog readers because their editors are so busy erasing their tracks.


At April 26, 2005, Anonymous Trixie said...


WhatEnlightenment blog's editorial board have been caught with one hand in the inkpot and the other on the rubber erazer.

Red-faces all round.

At April 26, 2005, Anonymous Graham Blenk said...

The recent run of deleterious articles on WE blog have lessened many a desire to post there.

They seem to be taking the lemming course to self-destruct.

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Lucinda said...

Brave and courageous post! It rises head and shoulders about the spammers who attack your blog with nonsense.

Clearly you are striking at a raw nerve. Your blog is gets more comments than WE!

Good to see that your responses are decisive and on-topic. Truth is your best weapon.

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bid thee all farewell and love to all.

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you honestly not understand irony?

This is the post you refer to: I have an idea...

Why don't we just condemn Cohen, as a David Koresh and Jim Jones type, poisoning and misguiding people, report him to the authorities, call the editors of the New York Times and whatever else we think is fit, take him to court, charged with abuse and be done with the whole thing. How about it Hally, Hal (haven't heard form you for awhile), or Helene (who are you, anyway)? Then, we can all get on with our petty lives and stop wasting so much valuable time debating whatever it is we are or aren't debating on these blogs (blobs, I say). Are you all so bored with your lives that you have to keep going on and on about all of this stuff.

The author's suggestion to "condemn" Cohen and report him to authorities is clearly ironic and not meant to be taken literally.

When you say that the editors of WE "have given their tacit approval to a plan to turn Foxhollow into a Waco-style killing field!" you indicate that you either take the above literally, and thus cannot differentiate between irony and literalism, or you are well aware that the above is ironic and are treating it as if it's not so you can spin propaganda to advance an agenda.

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its funny how almost everyone has their own name here. Shaolin how many of the posters comments are real and how many are just you. I have seen the Blenk post before and Freebird, I suspect almost everyone else is you

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are being buffooned by Andrew Cohen and his comrades. They all are having the time of their lives trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Shaolin Monk is a created computer mind programmed to attack Hal, his workers and all posters at WE. This mind is cold and icy, unable to do anything but be cruel and antagonistic to the supporters of Hal at WE. Talking about insanity first you perpetrators of this crime look at yourself. You have been found out by a mastermind who worked with such a computer mind as Shaolin at one time. Stop wasting your time here posters and join the happy team at WE.
A truly enlightened person

At April 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of the former "loyal but naive" participants on the WE blog. Since I really am pretty naive it's taken me a while to catch on to their lowly and unscrupulous tactics. Thanks for shining the light on these underhanded and rather nasty characters!

At April 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the editors of WE blog?

It looks like Freebird and Craig T.
have been left to battle it out in the WE blog cellar - mano a mano.

At April 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haw! Haw!

A WE blog fan has posted a WE blog page on a yahoogroup list before it was censored!

It also contained a post which raised suspicions about post-fixing and URL changing. Guess they beat you to it Shalin!


At April 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have removed


Sorry for any inconvenience

God bless us all and save me!


At April 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After another wave of censorship at WE blog came this spin-doctor post by blog madame Helene (Hal):

At Thursday, 28 April, 2005, Helene said...
A Note From The Administrator

We are asking that posters of comments try to stay more on topic. Your support of this blog is greatly appreciated. But we feel that further discussion of the WEU "counter-blog" is unwarranted and unnecessary here. It seems obvious that that blog's only reason for existence is to harass, annoy and attempt to intimidate contributors here. We feel it should not be taken seriously. We also will be periodically removing comments that do not further the discussion here. We hope to have a more substantive headline posting in the near future, and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, all serious contributions are welcome.

At April 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shaolin your just a front for Cohen , none of you can face anything, all of you are cowards, repeat after me ;- I am a coward that hides behind a cowards justification , what are you sacred of tell us why you wont show your face

At May 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaolin/Brad you need to stay on the ball they have just killed off the what enlightenment blog

Helene said...

We have been forced to institute a new comment policy. In order to avoid further abuse or harassment of those who are courageous enough to post their stories on this blog, all comments from this point forward will be screened by the blog administrators. They should be submitted by email to the blog administrators at WHAT Enlightenment??! Thank you for your cooperation, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause. We do hope that you will continue to submit your views and your accounts of your experiences with Andrew Cohen. They are extremely valuable to both past and potential future students, and are greatly appreciated.

Sunday, 01 May, 2005


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